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Send the Actives to Centennial

In December of 1991, 5 gentlemen from Life Chiropractic College West rented an RV and traveled to Davenport, Iowa to pledge the Delta Sigma Chi Straight Chiropractic Fraternity. After completing the pledge process, these individuals returned to California and founded the Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Chi on January 4th, 1992.

21 years later, 7 active members of Nu Chapter are repeating the trip by renting an RV on August 6th, 2013 and traveling to Davenport to celebrate the Fraternity’s 100 years of brotherhood and service to chiropractic at the Delta Sigma Chi Lyceum and Centennial Celebration.

Please help us get to Davenport by providing support and donating using the button below.

Your in Chiropractic,

The Brothers of Delta Sigma Chi Nu Chapter

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